Great Tips To Keep Roaches From Settling in Your Home

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Roaches can easily settle in your home without prior notice.  They can easily multiply in number, and within a short span of two weeks your home can be infested by dozens of them.  In order to keep this from happening, there are several pest control tips to keep these roaches from settling in your home.

Keep Food Tightly Covered. Roaches are attracted to foods that contain fats and oils. This is why they love to consume both meat and vegetables. They also eat flour and other grains. All foods kept in cupboards or on shelves should be inside a container with a tight-fitting lid.

Wipe Up Food Spills. Any residue that contains meat juice, flour, sugar, or grease should be wiped up immediately. Roaches have keen sensory equipment and can locate a small spot of food easily. Your oven and range top collects grease and grime, and this is especially attractive for roaches. Keep the underside of surface heating units free from residue buildup.

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Roaches can easily be attracted by leftovers.  To prevent roach infestation, it is necessary to manage your food storage properly.  Throw what needs to be thrown in the waste container. Use tightly sealed containers for those food stuff that can still be consumed.  The use of tightly sealed transparent jars is a good example of this.

There are also glass-based food containers that can be used in a similar fashion.  These glass based containers may cost more, but in the long run the advantages will naturally outweigh the disadvantages.  With the use of glass food containers, cleaning food leftovers stored in it can be done quickly and efficiently. It’s easier to wipe off dirt, oil, grease and other juices and extracts that come from food if you are using glass-based containers.

For the equipment that you use to cook or process your food, it is also necessary to keep these all clean.  Food spills must be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent stains. The odor that comes from unclean food equipment and such food spills attract roaches.  By ensuring that at the end of the day these equipment are clean and stain free, you can prevent these roaches from settling in your home.

Shuffle Things Around. Slide the stove, refrigerator, and other large appliances to the side and clean the area underneath them. Wipe down the sides and back of every kitchen appliance, and sprinkle a thin layer of borax across the floor before placing the appliances back in their usual space.

Keep Your Home Dry. Check your washing machine’s hoses to make sure they’re tight. Prevent water leaks because roaches need access to water. Go throughout the house and check your hot water heater and under every sink to make sure everything stays dry.

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Cleanliness is still the main driver in order to prevent roaches from settling in your own home.  There are numerous hard to reach places in the kitchen area, dining area and the living room. It’s necessary to keep these areas dust free and free from food spills.  Not only must these areas be clean, it must also be kept dry. Thus, a general cleaning of these areas must be done at least twice a month to prevent roaches from settling in your home.  Use absorbent cloths and make sure that there are no wet areas in these places.

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